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2 - School Bullying

2.1 School bullying verbal

Normally, all of society believes that bullying has a serious degree when it comes to physical bullying or sexual bullying.
Children who suffer verbal bullying suffer psychological abuse that damages their self-esteem, personality, and social relationships. The verbal bullying causes more pain than physical bullying or other types of bullying. Bullies use motes, insults and jokes to hurt and humiliate those who are being bullied.
There are two types of stalkers:
Those with high self-esteem and believe that the kings of the world and think they can insult whomever they want others knowing that they will, and especially to those who are different.
And those who have low self-esteem, feel inferior to others, then they trap a person with lower self-esteem than they, and they insult and will improve their status.

Images of verbal bullying

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