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2 - School Bullying

2.2 School bullying racist
We can talk about racist bullying when bullying situations is attacked people using racial and skin color, hence the boy or the boy's cultural beliefs.
There are some schools that have a case of bullying in the center fears his reputation and shut down the center.
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Images of Bullying racist

2 - School Bullying

2.1 School bullying verbal

Normally, all of society believes that bullying has a serious degree when it comes to physical bullying or sexual bullying.
Children who suffer verbal bullying suffer psychological abuse that damages their self-esteem, personality, and social relationships. The verbal bullying causes more pain than physical bullying or other types of bullying. Bullies use motes, insults and jokes to hurt and humiliate those who are being bullied.
There are two types of stalkers:
Those with high self-esteem and believe that the kings of the world and think they can insult whomever they want others knowing that they will, and especially to those who are different.
And those who have low self-esteem, feel inferior to others, then they trap a person with lower self-esteem than they, and they insult and will improve their status.

Images of verbal bullying

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1 - Sexual Bullying

Sexual bullying is a very complicated issue. It has to deal with lot of attention because it can happen at any moment.  
Any harassing conduct, whether physical or non-physical, that is based on sexuality or gender of a person is when using sexuality or gender as a weapon by boys or girls towards between children. The sexual bullying which implies constant harassment, against someone and with intent. These phrases are some of the cases of sexual bullying:

  • Pressing the victim to do something you do not want. This kind of pressure is often accompanied by intimidation and threats.
  • Force the other to have sex against their will.

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Images of sexual bullying

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My name is Casandra Maggio, and this is my blog! I've created this blog for school homework. In this blog I would like to talk about bullying, because is an interesting topic which affects us all, as well as to the families and friends of the abused person. 
Every day I will upload one of the four themes of bullying, which are sexual bullying and school bullying.

Thanks for your attention, see you tomorrow, and I hope this topic, make you think!

Casandra Maggio